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Rookie of the Year!

2nd March, 2007. 10:34 pm. Well.

I'm still alive. I totally forgot I had this thing. How's everybody?

Current mood: calm.


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30th November, 2005. 12:03 am. *bored*

I have a new screenname, lebda to beaver. What can I say? I like bad puns. IM me!

Current mood: bored.


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29th November, 2005. 11:57 pm. All-encompassing update.

I don't really have much to say except: Get well, Fisch.

I still have dreams about that night. I was the one who saw him, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Not even my worst enemy. It's the scariest thing I've ever seen.

Current mood: discontent.


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8th October, 2005. 10:01 pm. Bad news for me, I guess.

Well, I got sent down today. The team signed Jason Woolley to a one-year contract and I had to be sent to Grand Rapids.

Seeya guys.

Current mood: blah.


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7th October, 2005. 10:43 am. Following the trend!

Seems like a lot of my teammates have these nifty journal things. I figure this can be a good way to keep track of my progress throughout my rookie season in the NHL.

What's up?

Current mood: accomplished.


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